Introducing the industry’s first digital booklet label service, the DigiPly℠

September 2013

Exclusively available from Clintrak, The DigiPly℠ booklet label service is the clinical supply chain industry’s first digitally produced booklet label service supported by a team of dedicated clinical supply professionals. The DigiPly℠ service provides you greater flexibility and control than traditional labeling options:

  • Maximum flexibility to add/drop countries mid-trial in days rather than weeks, representing the shortest cycle times in the industry

  • Risk mitigation through a fully automated, proprietary process that inspects 100% of label text for accuracy and readability and identifies text that is illegible for any reason.

  • Investigator site and patient friendly enhancements such as room to use larger, easier-to-read font sizes as well as color options that permit the highlighting of critical text

  • Stronger materials of construction to maintain data integrity

For more information on the DigiPly℠ booklet label service, email us at or refer to:

September 2013 DigiPly℠ booklet label service News Update

DigiPly℠ Booklet Label Service Data Sheet

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